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How to stop Foxes taking small animals or Birds with out hunting with dogs or shooting or snaring and it works100%


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HSA Tactics Book

Micro chipping your pet's I fully recommend it.

The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

IFAW working to protect wildlife around the World and more.

This is the countries biggest National fox welfare society in the uk.

The Fox Project is a charity dedicated to the protection of foxes & more.

Visit the British Big Cats Society very interesting site about wild cats going around our Country side.

ARAN is to get actively involved with our ongoing research, lobbying, events, projects, peaceful protests and tabling events all over Ireland.

Dogs Directory Description: dogs related news, books and web resources.

CAFT Coalition to abolish the fur trade.

FACCE fights against cruelty to all animals.

Irish animals on the web has every thing to do with animals.



In Britain an estimated five million wild birds and other animals are injured or disabled in some way .

APAM Animal Protection Association from Minis, Arad is a non-profit organization - financed from donations and sponsorships - which deals with providing shelter to foster abandoned animals.

kill-hunting Conservation charities are killing wildlife to protect their own interests.

Woodland wildlife protection a campaign to protect woodland wildlife.

Advocates for animals is helping to ban hunting & more.

The uk pet-search lost & found pets page

NFWS continues to lead the way forward in eliminating Sarcoptic mange in foxes across the UK.

Backing your mobile phone up in a emergency and mobile phone safety

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Protecting your pets and family from electrocution and electrical fires.

Hunting with Dogs - Questions and Answers .

The Fox Web Site.

National Fox Welfare Society’s

The fox Project

Derbyshire Fox Rescue


Welcome to Little Foxes Wild Orphan care.

Protect Our Wild Animals

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The good and bad side of WAP on your Phone or  PDAs

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 ACT - Against Corvid Traps Exposing Shooting's Vile Underbelly

The Real Countryside Alliance. The Reality Of Hunting Thugs

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Hunting with dogs was banned on the 15 September 2004 but it will not come in to force till February 18 2005. Still keep your eye open and look out for hunt cruelty to our wildlife

The only crime this fox cub did was to be born.

This fox was recently strung up, with its legs broken, at the entrance to an Animal Sanctuary in Sussex.

 Sick hunt campaigners have been blasted after a fox's corpse was wired to a tree in a sick stunt.

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The photo above shows a female badger killed by a snare this year in  South Yorkshire. The Cub which died of starvation/dehydration at her nearby set.

Thank you to the NASC for the  photo click on the banner below to help ban snares.


Links below will take you to some excellent 

Anti-hunt web sites.

Hunting Terms. foxes

Red fox Vulpes vulpes

Bath & Bristial hunt sabs

West Sussex Sabs

Reading Hunt Sabs

Visit Paul's Anti-hunting site

The sitting fox personal web site.

Southern Anti-Blood sports Society

www.worcester and birmingham huntsab

Northumberland Wildlife Trust.


www. Bath & Bristol Hunt Sabs

Steve Christmas  Association

Dover Hunt Sabs

East Devon Sabs


Protect our wild Animals

Exmoor Animal Rights

Exmoor Hunt Sabs

Visit roots of Blood.

Mobile Phone Tracking

Internet watch Foundation