Welcome to this simple Design on how to hack a Smoke alarm with a light out put to send a Notification to your Cell phone or tablet, using the internets 2.4 Ghz frequency with speech notification Global range!!!

Please note you don't need to use a smoke alarm any type of Smart device can send the same notification to a cell phone or tablet from the devise and you don't need the E-welink app open and your phone can be set up so the notification can be read out even if you have the phone in the lock position or silent position. 

Photo below is of the simple regulated power supply and the Sonoff 2.4 GHZ Smart Switch.

In the photo below is the simple Schematic to build the devise.

1). Why I designed this simple notification devise was down to a lot of requests for a smoke alarm to send a notification using the internet using 2.4 GHZ to peoples phone or tablets warning them there smoke alarm has been activated so if they have security cameras they can log in to there cameras and view the situation in real time, or get some one to check it out for them like a family member or emergency key holder.

2). Now how the devise works is like this I am using a smoke alarm with a small light bulb that is powered from the smoke alarm its self I have removed the light bulb from the smoke alarm and soldered two wires a + and - to the contacts of where the light bulb was don't put the light bulb back in circuit., now as soon as the smoke alarm goes off it sends 9 volts to the circuit that we have built this will go into the 5 volt regulator as the Sonoff we have used is for 5 Volts power. The regulator will drop the voltage from 9 volts to 5 volts and power our Sonoff devise. 

Parts list below for project:,

1). Regulator 7805 ebay.

2). 100 UF Cap 25 volts, 

1).  5 volt sonoff Smart switch Ebay.

1). Smoke Alarm with  9 volt emergency light Ebay

3). Now we will Down load (Voice Notify Pilot_51)  version at time of writing this up and designing the circuit click on the link play goggle store as I have only tested the devise with Android OS only we will be using notification to speech app the one I use my self is the one in the photo below. Install it then down load the other app below this one.

Now that you have down loaded and installed the Notify app we can set it up to read out notifications this can be used for any other smart home apps or just read any notifications you want or you can turn some notifications off now click on the voice Notify see photo below.

Now you have clicked on the Voice Notify app click on the Text-to-Speech behaviour see photo below.

Now Click on the link that says TTS Audio Stream see photo below.

Now Click in the Notification see photo below and then click cancel.

Now go back to the second screen and look for Device States Select whether to speak during certain devise states click on it see photo below Click on all the boxes.

Now if you want to suspend Voice Notify Service just click on Voice Notify service is running this will suspend it. 

Now as you can see from the photo below this will suspend the speech program remember to turn it back on by clicking on the Link saying Voice Notify Service is suspended.


4). Now we will down load Ewelink from the play goggle store  If you have a Apple phone you can get Ewelink from the Apple Store click here.

5). After you have started to install the Sonoff Smart switch it will ask you for a name put (Smoke Alarm) when the smoke alarm triggers the notification by speech will read out loud Smoke alarm on your mobile or tablet devise.

6 Now open the ewelink app on your phone or tablet and click on the link that Says Smoke Alarm click on it see photo below it must be kept in the (off position all the time). 

7). Now you have clicked on the smoke alarm button you will get the screen below click on Loop Timer button at the bottom of the screen.

8). Now you have clicked on Loop timer set the phone or tablet up with the same settings as in the photo below( ignoring the date and time setting) by clicking on each line see photo below after you have done that click on (Save at the top of the screen like in the photo below.

9). Now you have clicked on save you should now have a red dot next to the loop timer button see photo below.

10). Now you need to click on the 3 dots at the top of the screen like the photo above. 

11). Now you have clicked on the 3 dots at the top of the screen go down the list and click on Push Notifications, Network indicator and Power Indicator like in the photo below. 

12). Now click on Inching Settings on the same screen below.

 13). Now you have clicked on Inching Settings click on Inching set it for 5Sec then click on the Inching settings above and move the slider over like in the photo below then click on save.

14). The Notify program will call out lout the notifications from your phone or tablet you may need to turn notifications off you don't need to hear and keep the Ewelink Notifications on.



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